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Summer transfer window will result in significant changes at Old Trafford

Aug. 29th 2014

Tunde FolawiyoNow that the World Cup has drawn to a close, Louis Van Gaal is focusing all of his attention on transfers. It was recently reported that the Dutchman had been hoping to sign Kevin Strootman; this dream has been dealt a blow, as the midfielder’s current club, Roma, are reluctant to sell one of their top players.

As a football fanatic, Tunde Folawiyo may know that Strootman is still recovering from a severe knee injury – but this has not deterred Van Gaal, who says that he will continue to monitor the player’s recovery, and potentially make an offer in the near future. However, Van Gaal’s offer will have to be a generous one; Rudi Garcia, Roma’s manager, has stated that he would not let Strootman go for less than £79 million.

United have had better luck with signing Arturo Vidal; whilst the midfielder initially said that he had no interest in transferring to Old Trafford, an offer of £35 million is said to have caused him to reconsider. At the moment, talks are underway, and if they go well, Vidal could be moving to the Red Devils within a matter of days.

Supporters of United, such as Tunde Folawiyo, might have heard the rumour that Angel Di Maria, one of Real Madrid’s midfielders, is keen to move to another team. There have been indications that Di Maria is feeling overlooked at his current club, and would quite happily transfer to United, if a reasonable offer was made. The Argentine is reported to have complained about the lack of time he has had on the pitch as of late, due to the arrival of newly-acquired players like Toni Kroos and James Rodriguez.

However, it is unclear whether Van Gaal is interested in signing Di Maria. When asked, he noted that he will need to closely examine the existing squad at United before making a decision. He explained that he must first analyse the strengths and weaknesses of his team and determine if certain players need to be replaced; only then will he be able to consider the midfielder.

Van Gaal has been true to his word in this regard, and has made it clear to several members of the current squad that he will replace them if their performance is not up to scratch. In particular, the manager is said to be keeping an eye on Wilfried Zaha and Nani, neither of whom did as well as they should have during the pre-season US tour.

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Van Gaal making progress with transfer deals

Aug. 25th 2014

Van Gaal has been working hard to secure the transfer of new players to United. Arturo Vidal, Juventus’ Chilean midfielder, has been high on the manager’s wish list for several weeks now, despite the fact that his current club are clearly reluctant to let him go. However, recent reports suggest that the transfer could still go ahead; it was  Tunde Folawiyorevealed last week that Vidal had passed a series of medical examinations which were set up to see confirm that he is fit enough to join the Red Devils. This is certainly a step in the right direction, and could mean that the midfielder will be joining the team at Old Trafford in the very near future. (

As a fan of the club, Tunde Folawiyo may have heard that United are now in pursuit of Juan Cuadrado, following reports that Barcelona has failed in its attempt to sign the player. The Spanish club is thought to have been unimpressed with the price which Fiorentina has demanded for the Columbian; rumour has it that they deemed £39.5 million too excessive a sum. However, Van Gaal is eager to nab the winger, and may be able to afford it, if he manages to sell Javier Hernandez, a forward that several Spanish and Italian clubs are interested in.

Whilst the sale of Hernandez is still up in the air, the departure of Patrice Evra has been confirmed. After eight years with the Red Devils, the 33 year old has joined Juventus, at a cost of £1.2 million. Discussing the move, Evra said that although he had ‘the best memories’ of his time with United, he was thrilled by the idea of returning to the country where he first began to play football professionally.

United fans like Tunde Folawiyo are probably aware that Mats Hummels is another player whom Van Gaal is hoping to purchase during the coming weeks. The Borussia Dortmund star may be up for grabs, now that his current club are considering replacing him with another centre back named Tiago Ilori. However, Dortmund have stipulated that the transfer of Hummels will only go ahead if United agree to loan the player out to them on occasion. Hummels himself has yet to comment on the matter, but Hermann, his father, has said that a transfer is unlikely.

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Van Gaal fitting in well at Old Trafford

Aug. 22nd 2014

Man United enjoyed yet another win this week; under the guidance of their new manager Van Gaal, they managed to defeat Inter Milan, after a draw resulted in a penalty shootout that saw the Red Devils score five goals – two more than their opponents. Coupled with their recent win Tunde Folawiyoagainst Roma, this match will bring the team one step closer to the International Champions Cup.

The end result of their game with Inter Milan probably came as quite a surprise to Tunde Folawiyo and other fans, as United’s performance during the first half was mediocre at best. Although they succeeded in controlling the ball most of the time, they failed to create any real scoring opportunities for themselves. Phil Jones almost took the lead once, but his header was saved by Samir Hananovic. Van Gaal clearly noticed that United were not performing as they should, as he made a total of eight changes during the interval. This was a wise decision on his part, as the Red Devils played considerably better throughout the second half.

Discussing the game afterwards, Van Gaal said that he was very pleased with the result. He praised the team for retaining possession of the ball, and said that he was happy with how the positions had been covered, noting that there was a vast improvement in comparison to previous matches. He added that he believed the performance to be the best he’s seen so far, since joining the club.

As a supporter of United, Tunde Folawiyo might be aware that in another interview, Van Gaal described the team as being ‘broken’, and explained that he has been doing his utmost to repair it, through both training, and through the selection of new players during the summer transfer window. The Dutchman also said that, in regards to transfers, he will be looking for people who will fit in on a long-term, rather than a short-term basis.

The team appear to be happy with their new manager; Chris Smalling, one of United’s defenders, has said that he is impressed by the 3-4-2-1 formation Van Gaal has chosen for the squad. This system has proven effective for the Netherlands team, and Smalling has said that he and his fellow teammates will have no trouble adapting to this formation in their own matches.

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Arjen Robben Disputes Manchester United Transfer Rumors

Aug. 8th 2014

Tunde FolawiyoNow that the newly-appointed coach Van Gaal has upheld his responsibilities to the Netherlands’ national team, Manchester United fans are undoubtedly watching his next move closely. It was announced recently that the new coach extended an offer to Bayern Munich’s Arjen Robben, though the forward has since ruled out a Manchester United move. Fans of United, like Tunde Folawiyo and millions of others around the globe, may find the offer to prove a step in the right direction for Van Gaal after the team’s disappointing past season.

Both United fans and players alike may find new hope in Van Gaal’s coaching capabilities after the manager led Holland to third place at the World Cup in Brazil. He admitted to the media that he made a brave attempt to bring Robben to United, though his efforts were rebuffed. Robben, however, has noted his close relationship with the coach, regarding him as the most important manager of his career. Despite this, he remains firm in his decision to stay with Bayern Munich.

As Van Gaal has stated, the offer remains on the table and Robben would certainly contribute a great deal to a team riddled with disappointment under recently sacked ex-coach David Moyes. The forward is amongst the Netherlands’ most talented players, with appearances in three UEFA Championships and three World Cups. Known for impressive dribbling skills, crossing ability and speed, the player has long demonstrated great promise on the field.

The start of his professional career began with Groningen, where he was awarded player of the year during the 2000-2001 Eredivisie season. He signed with PSV two years later, becoming among Netherland’s Young Players of the Year. The next season, Robben was pursued by a variety of English clubs before eventually joining Chelsea during 2004. Whilst his debut with the team was delayed by injury, he would later help the team to go on to achieve two Premiere League championship titles. Following his third season with the English team, Robben made the move to Spain’s Real Madrid for an estimated €35 million.

During August of 2009, he was transferred to the Bayern Munich club, scoring two goals during his debut. His first season with the team saw them win a league title – his fifth in a period of eight years. He scored a winning goal during the Champion League final and was later named amongst the Footballers of the Year for Germany. Whilst United fans such as Tunde Folawiyo may have anticipated the talent joining the ranks of the Red Devils, perhaps Coach Van Gaal has other tricks up his sleeve.

Manchester United Eyes Real Madrid’s Di Maria

Aug. 6th 2014

Tunde Folawiyo Following a disappointing season under recently sacked coach David Moyes, Van Gaal’s roster is slowly but surely beginning to take new form. Jorge Mendes, agent for Real Madrid player Angel di Maria, has announced his client may very well make a move to Manchester during the upcoming transfer window this summer. If this move does indeed take place, the winger would become the team’s top signing of the season. Fans of United, like Tunde Folawiyo and millions of others around the UK and beyond, may be delighted by the prospect of acquiring this renowned super talent.

Di Maria recently stated that he was unsure of his future with Real Madrid. According to reports, the winger is said to be unhappy with Real Madrid’s courtship of James Rodriguez, a breakout star during the World Cup. Whilst Di Maria experienced a wonderful season playing for Los Blancos during 2013-2014, his frustration is understandable. With four goals and an impressive 17 assists last season, it’s no wonder United is eyeing the player so closely. His talents have already been shadowed by team mates Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema and Gareth Bale, three of the greatest players in the game today. It was Di Maria who came through for the team when Ronaldo was plagued with health concerns, a true testament to the Argentinian’s abilities under immense pressure.

The Argentine winger began his thriving career playing for Rosario Central before moving to Europe during 2007 to begin playing for Portugal’s Benfica. After three years with Benfica, Di Maria transferred to Real Madrid for a payout of €25 million. He played an integral role in Real Madrid’s tenth title win at the UEFA Champion League Final, further garnering popularity amongst millions of fans. As one of Argentina’s international players since 2008, the winger has earned more than 50 caps, scoring the winning goal at the Olympics of 2008. Further demonstrating his outstanding talents, he represented Argentina at two World Cup matches and the Copa America of 2011. An effective finisher, Di Maria performs best when running alongside the byline, proving instrumental in Real’s win of La Decima. If paired with Januzaj, Di Maria is expected to shine. Whilst acquiring topnotch wingers is no easy fete, Manchester United may have no choice but to jump at the chance to sign Di Maria. Tunde Folawiyo and other fans of the famed club may find a Di Maria acquisition to be a great step in the quest toward victory.

Van Gaal Signs First Player as Head Coach

Aug. 4th 2014

Tunde FolawiyoNewly appointed Coach Van Gaal has recently signed his first player as manager of Manchester United. Ander Herrera, a Spanish midfielder, has acquired the four-year commitment, joining a team with much to prove to its millions of loyal fans. After a disappointing season under recently sacked Coach David Moyes, the Red Devils are undoubtedly determined to turn things around. Rumours surrounding Van Gaal’s coaching plan are alive and well as he prepares to take the reins of Manchester United. As the first of what is sure to be many changes to United’s roster, Tunde Folawiyo and other fans of the celebrated club may find Herrera’s signing to be highly significant in the future direction of the team.

Whilst United’s previous £28.85 million United bid to acquire the 24-year-old was rejected, an improved offer has secured his signature. Born in Bilbao, Herrera played for Real Zaragoza until 2011. His career with the club saw 128 appearances and 11 goals. According to the player, signing for the Red Devils is a dream turned reality. He regards his time playing for Old Trafford during UEFA’s Europa League amongst the highlights surrounding his young career.

Manchester United had previously attempted to acquire the playmaker last year, but was unable to meet deadline requirements. Reports have suggested that the deal may have been spoiled by a group of pranksters pretending to act on behalf of the club. David Moyes, the club’s then-manager, acquired Marouane Fellaini instead. Unfortunately, his debut campaign was one riddled with disappointment. His presence failed to improve the club’s long-term issues in midfield.

When Herrera does indeed make the move to United, he will accept the challenge of bringing control to the team’s midfield, a challenging fete indeed. United megastar Ryan Giggs regards Ander as a talented young player boasting great creativity and energy. He noted him as one of United’s brightest prospects throughout Spain, expressing certainty that the 24-year-old would be a hit amongst fans. The seasoned Giggs anticipates seeing Herrera in action during the team’s summer tour in America.

Given Coach Van Gaal’s great success managing the Netherlands at the 2014 World Cup, United fans may be hopeful of a brighter season for the Red Devils in the coming months. Tunde Folawiyo and millions of others may undoubtedly still face disappointment over the past year’s record, but Van Gaal and his plans for the club may prove to be its ultimate saving grace.