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Van Gaal Signs First Player as Head Coach

04/08/14 9:26 AM

Tunde FolawiyoNewly appointed Coach Van Gaal has recently signed his first player as manager of Manchester United. Ander Herrera, a Spanish midfielder, has acquired the four-year commitment, joining a team with much to prove to its millions of loyal fans. After a disappointing season under recently sacked Coach David Moyes, the Red Devils are undoubtedly determined to turn things around. Rumours surrounding Van Gaal’s coaching plan are alive and well as he prepares to take the reins of Manchester United. As the first of what is sure to be many changes to United’s roster, Tunde Folawiyo and other fans of the celebrated club may find Herrera’s signing to be highly significant in the future direction of the team.

Whilst United’s previous £28.85 million United bid to acquire the 24-year-old was rejected, an improved offer has secured his signature. Born in Bilbao, Herrera played for Real Zaragoza until 2011. His career with the club saw 128 appearances and 11 goals. According to the player, signing for the Red Devils is a dream turned reality. He regards his time playing for Old Trafford during UEFA’s Europa League amongst the highlights surrounding his young career.

Manchester United had previously attempted to acquire the playmaker last year, but was unable to meet deadline requirements. Reports have suggested that the deal may have been spoiled by a group of pranksters pretending to act on behalf of the club. David Moyes, the club’s then-manager, acquired Marouane Fellaini instead. Unfortunately, his debut campaign was one riddled with disappointment. His presence failed to improve the club’s long-term issues in midfield.

When Herrera does indeed make the move to United, he will accept the challenge of bringing control to the team’s midfield, a challenging fete indeed. United megastar Ryan Giggs regards Ander as a talented young player boasting great creativity and energy. He noted him as one of United’s brightest prospects throughout Spain, expressing certainty that the 24-year-old would be a hit amongst fans. The seasoned Giggs anticipates seeing Herrera in action during the team’s summer tour in America.

Given Coach Van Gaal’s great success managing the Netherlands at the 2014 World Cup, United fans may be hopeful of a brighter season for the Red Devils in the coming months. Tunde Folawiyo and millions of others may undoubtedly still face disappointment over the past year’s record, but Van Gaal and his plans for the club may prove to be its ultimate saving grace.

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