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Van Gaal hoping to nab world’s top players during summer transfer window

21/07/14 3:02 PM

Tunde Folawiyo Manchester United are currently working towards acquiring some new team members during the summer transfer window; rumour has it that getting Mats Hummels on board is a top priority for Louis Van Gaal, although it remains to be seen whether Borussia Dortmund will accept their most recent offer of £20 million.

As a football fan, Tunde Folawiyo may be aware that the 25 year old defender has played a key role in helping Dortmund win several trophies over the past six years. It is unclear, as of yet, whether they would be willing to let go of one of their most talented players. Moreover, reports indicate that United are not the only club that have set their sights on Hummels; both Real Madrid and Barcelona are thought to be preparing bids as well.

Van Gaal is said to be trying to inject some running power and creativity into the team’s central areas, and so is looking to purchase several midfielders, including Arturo Vidal and William Carvalho. The latter currently plays for Sporting Lisbon, and his contract with the Portuguese club states that he cannot be transferred for under £37 million. Augusto Ignacio, the director, has said that he would be open to idea of selling the player for the right price; he explained that losing Carvalho would not be a problem, as they have several other players who are equally skilled.

Vidal, who is at present player for Juventus, will cost United even more, with reports indicating that the club have submitted a bid of £48 million for the Chilean. Both Arsenal and Real Madrid have also expressed an interest in this player and as such, even this generous offer from United may not be enough to secure his transfer to Old Trafford. Vidal himself has implied that he would like to join the Red Devils however, noting that he would be quite happy to have a season off from the Champions League.

Football fanatics like Tunde Folawiyo are doubtless aware that Vidal is considered to be one of the world’s greatest midfielders; ranked amongst Italy’s top ten players, he has contributed to more than 16 of the 80 goals scored by Juventus during the past year. As such, it would be a major step forward for United if they succeed in purchasing him.

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