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Van Gaal fitting in well at Old Trafford

22/08/14 9:30 AM

Man United enjoyed yet another win this week; under the guidance of their new manager Van Gaal, they managed to defeat Inter Milan, after a draw resulted in a penalty shootout that saw the Red Devils score five goals – two more than their opponents. Coupled with their recent win Tunde Folawiyoagainst Roma, this match will bring the team one step closer to the International Champions Cup.

The end result of their game with Inter Milan probably came as quite a surprise to Tunde Folawiyo and other fans, as United’s performance during the first half was mediocre at best. Although they succeeded in controlling the ball most of the time, they failed to create any real scoring opportunities for themselves. Phil Jones almost took the lead once, but his header was saved by Samir Hananovic. Van Gaal clearly noticed that United were not performing as they should, as he made a total of eight changes during the interval. This was a wise decision on his part, as the Red Devils played considerably better throughout the second half.

Discussing the game afterwards, Van Gaal said that he was very pleased with the result. He praised the team for retaining possession of the ball, and said that he was happy with how the positions had been covered, noting that there was a vast improvement in comparison to previous matches. He added that he believed the performance to be the best he’s seen so far, since joining the club.

As a supporter of United, Tunde Folawiyo might be aware that in another interview, Van Gaal described the team as being ‘broken’, and explained that he has been doing his utmost to repair it, through both training, and through the selection of new players during the summer transfer window. The Dutchman also said that, in regards to transfers, he will be looking for people who will fit in on a long-term, rather than a short-term basis.

The team appear to be happy with their new manager; Chris Smalling, one of United’s defenders, has said that he is impressed by the 3-4-2-1 formation Van Gaal has chosen for the squad. This system has proven effective for the Netherlands team, and Smalling has said that he and his fellow teammates will have no trouble adapting to this formation in their own matches.

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