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Tunde Folawiyo | United Fails to Secure Fabregas and Cavani

04/07/14 1:35 PM

world-cup-364618_640As the Manchester United rumour mill continues to swirl with news of forthcoming signs, the team has reportedly stepped back from pursuing multi-million dollar deals to acquire both Cesc Fabregas and Edinson Cavani. It is said that United bosses spent six months contemplating bringing the pair to Old Trafford. With the end of a disappointing season comes new hope for Red Devil fans like Tunde Folawiyo and millions of others. There is sure to be a series of exciting switch-ups as Van Gaal takes the reins of United upon completion of coaching the Netherlands team during their Brazil World Cup venture.

Manchester United has had its sights set on Cavani since last season. David Moyes, the club’s booted ex-manager, travelled to Paris to watch the Uruguay striker take the field three times. The player joined Paris Saint-Germain for £55m last summer, departing from Napoli. According to UK’s Daily Star, the player is now determined to make a Premier League move, though these hopes may not be fulfilled by United. It’s been reported that the newly appointed coach Van Gaal has put the axe on the trade.

Cavani’s quest to Premier League is said to stem from a frustration with playing behind Swedish player Zlatan Ibrahimovic. It’s been reported that Cavani would require a match of Wayne Rooney’s £300,000-a-week salary in order to join United – a stipulation Ed Woodward is reportedly unwilling to accept. The Red Devils have admitted a defeat in furthering their bid for Cesc Fabgregas. Although the ex-Arsenal player has been on United’s radar for over a year, it’s said that Van Gaal has since moved onto other options. According to a local newspaper, the signing won’t be happening for a culmination of reasons. The player began his career training with Barcelona before signing with Arsenal of the Premier League during September 2003, aged 16. He established himself as the team’s starting midfielder and captain, breaking a variety of club records during the process. Demonstrating outstanding skill, he quickly became known as one of the greatest young players in his position. The player later returned to Barcelona where he became a valued goal scorer during his three seasons with the team. During this time, he won a league title, his first.

Whilst United fans may be disappointed at the failure to secure these super talents, hopes remain high that Van Gaal’s got big plans in mind. Tunde Folawiyo and other fans of the team may continue to anticipate the coming months of trades.

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