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Tunde Folawiyo | Van Gaal’s Coaching Methods Revealed Prior to Official Announcement

11/06/14 3:55 PM

Tunde Folawiyo As the world of football awaits Van Gaal’s official appointment to Manchester United, rumors of the seasoned coach’s methods continue to swirl, leaving fans and players eager to learn more of the man from the Netherlands. The Dutchman is soon expected to take the reins at the Old Trafford upon leading the Holland team to the World Cup. Though fans of United, including Tunde Folawiyo and millions throughout the world, may be find his coaching methods unconventional, former players under Van Gaal’s leadership have divulged the positive impact of his ways.

As a coach, it’s said that Van Gaal demands loyalty and honesty from his players, employing unusual methods to get the scoop on his players lives both on and off the field.

United players have been warned that once the 62-year-old coach accepts command of the team, they will have a bit of explaining to do. One-on-one meetings with players have long been a valuable coaching tool of Van Gaal. He is expected to grill players about personal matters, including the names of their wives and children and how they spend their off-time. This then leads to discussions of the players’ preferences on the field. Upon conclusion of these talks, Van Gaal will deliver his personal opinion of a player before giving each a four-page manifesto that will outline the strict rules he has set forth for the team, including instructions regarding behaviour and discipline, as well as limits on promotional work and media guidelines. One such rule states that players are banned from using headphones on bus trips as he prefers to communicate openly with his players. Whilst many head coaches are known for their tough exteriors, Van Gaal is far from the norm. Having endured many tragedies throughout his life, including a troubled relationship with his father and his wife Fernanda’s death to cancer at the age of 39, Van Gaal has admitted to an open personality, never hesitating to show emotion in public.

Many of Van Gaal’s coaching traits are reminiscent of Sir Alex Ferguson, including their policies for keeping team talks and dressing room speeches private, away from the prying eye of the media. In addition to this, the coach also employs a variety of technologies to improve his technique. He often uses Google Glass and other innovations to take players through a virtual world to better map out plans of attack. As these methods and others begin to come to light, Tunde Folawiyo and millions of other fans throughout the UK and beyond may invest new hope in the coaching capabilities of a highly-esteemed Van Gaal.

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