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Tunde Folawiyo | United left in limbo after Moyes gets sacked

03/06/14 10:01 AM

The news of David Moyes’ departure from Man United undoubtedly left many fans, including Tunde Folawiyo, reeling. The former manager made a statement to the press David Moyes (201551591)several days after it was announced that he had been fired, explaining that he understood how frustrating this season has been for players and supporters alike.

However, he also implied that the reason for their many defeats was down to the need for a major overhaul. He stated that he and the team had been committed to achieving this overhaul, and that it was the transitory nature of this period which had resulted in their all too frequent failures on the pitch.

Where Moyes intends to go next is still uncertain; however, it has been confirmed by the League Managers Association that he is to receive a settlement package following the club’s decision to fire him. Roberto Martinez, who currently serves as the manager of Everton – a position which Moyes held for over a decade – commented on the news, stating that he was confident Moyes would find another job in the near future. He finished by saying that he and the team would always be grateful for the work the Scotsman had done for their club.

Shortly after United revealed their decision, a rumour emerged that, contrary to Moyes’ statement, the players were not committed to following Moyes’ advice, and were in fact choosing to not play to the best of their ability during recent matches. However, Phil Jones has described this rumour as ‘ridiculous’, adding that none of them ever went out onto the pitch with the intention of losing.

Unsurprisingly, United went in search of a new manager immediately, but they have not yet chosen anyone. Initially, there were two favourites whom the media claimed were the most likely replacements for Moyes; Louis Van Gaal, the Holland manager, and Jurgen Klopp, the manager for Borussia Dortmund. But with the latter having publically stated that he has no plans to move from his current position, it looks like Van Gaal may indeed become United’s new leader, although of course, no official announcements have been made by the club. In the meantime, Ryan Giggs – a player much admired by supporters like Tunde Folawiyo- is standing in as the caretaker, handling all first-team responsibilities.

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