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Tunde Folawiyo | Transfer talks underway at Old Trafford

17/06/14 5:42 PM

Louis van Gaal 2013Man United’s transfer plans are once again being revamped, following the appointment of Louis van Gaal as manager. Whilst Moyes was said to have been eager to add Cesc Fabregas to the team, van Gaal has insisted that he has no interest in this player, and has now provided Ed Woodward, the club’s executive vice chairman, with a new transfer list, which includes Kevin Strootman, Indi Martins and Jordy Clasie.

Some United supporters, like Tunde Folawiyo, might be a bit confused by van Gaal’s decision to name Strootman as a potential addition to the team, as the midfielder suffered quite a severe knee injury recently, which has left him unable to participate in the World Cup. However, the manager’s other choices should come as no surprise; both Martins and Clasie have been with Holland for the past two years, and are believed to have played a key role in the club’s securing of their World Cup qualification. As such, it makes sense that the Dutch manager is now hoping to bring these two on board at Old Trafford.

Bastian Schweinsteiger, who currently plays for Bayern Munich, is said to be at the top of the manager’s wish list. He has performed well in the past, but since Pep Guardiola was appointed as the club’s new manager, the midfielder has spent much of the last season on the bench. Schweinsteiger is rumoured to be frustrated with his lack of playing time, and so might very well be open to the idea of moving to another club.

Whilst most of United’s transfer negotiations have not yet led to any concrete decisions, one deal has already been struck. Federico Macheda will be moving from United to Cardiff this summer, and will remain with his new club for at least three years. The 22 year old described it as a fantastic opportunity, and thanked Ole Gunnar Solskjaer for signing him.

As a fan of United, Tunde Folawiyo might recall that Macheda started out strong when he joined the Red Devils in 2009, scoring winning goals for his team against both Sunderland and Aston Villa. However, as time went on, he began to spend more and more time on loan, and although he did well during his spell with Birmingham, it seems that the management at United are quite content to part with him.

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