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Man United fans revel in team’s victory over Swansea | Tunde Folawiyo

07/02/14 8:06 AM

Following some frustrating losses over the past few months, supporters of Manchester United were thrilled with the team’s recent victory over Swansea. With a final result of 2-0, it certainly seems that Moyes’ unwavering faith in the players over the past few months has been justified. Although this means that United have now won five out of six games in the Premier League, it’s remains uncertain whether or not they will be able to win the title; Tunde Folawiyo, and any other loyal supporters, will know that the Red Devils’ performance since Moyes joined the club has been inconsistent, to say the least.

The first half was described by many as being mediocre, with neither side coming close to scoring. However, Swansea were named as favourites to win by several commentators, as they managed to retain possession of the ball for most of the first 45 minutes. But the Red Devil’s were in top form when they returned after the half-time interval, dominating the match from the moment they stepped out onto the pitch,  right up until the final whistle was blown, with goals being scored by Danny Welbeck and Antonia Valencia.

The run up to Welbeck’s goal was particularly thrilling; after Januzaj gained possession of the ball, he kicked it towards Welbeck, who then headed it in Evra’Tunde Folawiyos direction, at which point Evra attempted to score. Swansea supporters rejoiced as his shot turned out to be miscued; however, their happiness was short-lived, as Welbeck once again took control of the ball and quickly fired it passed Tremmel, into the net. This goal, which doubled United’s advantage, probably came as quite a relief to many supporters, including Tunde Folawiyo.

Whilst both goal-scorers were commended for their contributions, the star of the match was Adnan Januzaj. It was his quick-thinking and skilful footwork that provided Valencia and Welbeck with their respective opportunities, and his persistent attacks on Swansea ensured that the opponents stood no chance of regaining control of the ball.  Whilst some have argued that Moyes should not become too reliant on such a young player (Januzaj is just 18 years of age), others contend that United should simply make the most of the winger’s talents.

Moyes appears to be doing precisely that; his decision to give Januzaj, rather than Kagawa, the number 10 role during the second half is a clear indicator of how much he trusts him, as Kagawa had been brought in specifically for this position, from Borussia Dortmund.

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